Welcome To Eagle Carpet Cleaners

Eagle Carpet Cleaners has been in business since 2013 is a locally owned and operated company providing honest and reliable carpet cleaning throughout Fishers, as well as Central Indiana.

Because Eagle Carpet Cleaners is committed to delivering quality results . . . we hold the belief that honesty, clear communication, and complete transparency are the essential ingredients to any successful business/client relationship.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Have your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

  • Removes odors
  • Extend it’s useful life
  • Preserve appearance
  • Maintain warranties
  • Removes dirt and grime vacuum cleaners don’t
  • Help control allergies
  • Removes bacteria
  • Helps control illness
  • Healthier living space
  • Provides you with peace of mind

Is Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

You vacuum your carpet once a week; keep it clean and tidy as much as you can. Is it really necessary for you to get your carpet professionally cleaned? Yes, it is!

Even though you vacuum your carpet, particles of food and dust can be ground into the very fibers and bottom of the carpet-this dirt can be extremely hard If not impossible, for a regular vacuum cleaner to remove.

By getting your carpet cleaned professionally, you will ensure dust mites and food particles are removed from your home, ensuring a cleaner and healthier living space.